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Masquerade by Geisell The Hair Company started as a dream in Miami when I decided to become a professional stylist. During this time, I worked in the most prestigious salons in the city which specialized in hair extensions and wigs for people with alopecia and those that suffered from cancer. These experiences highlighted how important hair can be to a person and how by providing these services I could do my part to empower people. I also realized the importance of providing affordable hair products that are natural and high quality to everyone. Now in Salt Lake City, Utah, that dream has become a reality as I have been able to create not only the hair company but also Geisell’s Masquerade Hair Salon thereby providing the best products and services available to everyone. Another reason why I was drawn to become a professional stylist and to subsequently open Masquerade by Geisell The Hair Company and Geisell’s Masquerade Hair Salon is that to me hair is an artistic expression. This is why I chose to include Masquerade as part of the name of both of my companies. The tradition of Venetian masks is derived from the Italian comedic arts and have always represented artistic inspiration for me. Moreover, Venetian masks were used in history to dissolve social and class barriers and generate a community of equality and unity. In a similar fashion, I hope to achieve equality and unity across communities through the services and products my companies provide. 
“Perdere la faccia per essere libero” -Anonymous

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